Draw upon your artly craft,
Engrave each Drawllotheme;
Summon forth the work you hath,
Enchant us with your dream. 

From eldest age to youngest child
Everyone take part
Evoke the spirit, and perchance,
The world may see thy art.

  1. Make sure you have the 2019 Drawlloween Calendar. Each day on social media, that day's prompt will be published.
  2. Be creative and interpret that day’s theme. There is no right or wrong way to do it! The spookier, kookier, more imagination, the better. Catch Our Eye For A Chance To Be Featured!
  3.  Use whatever medium you're most comfortable with. Pencil/ink/digital/paints - It's always fantastic to see creative uses of art supplies!
  4. Be sure to include Your information! (lots of people are gonna see your work, you want to impress them, right?) Sign your work, include your username or website... We want the underworld to see who's creations are keeping them terrified at night!
  5. Tag Your Art:
    There are a lot of artists, and a lot of versions of the calendar floating around, and this helps me find your work!

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