Friday, September 2, 2016

The 2016 Drawlloween Calendar Is Here!

It's back, the daily creative challenge to keep your goosesbumped and your spines tingling! Use your favorite medium whether it traditional, digital, cursed squid ink in sketchbooks bound in human flesh, it's up to you! Take the daily prompt, repost your work with the tag #DRAWLLOWEEN2016, and we'll pick the weirdest, most unique pieces to repost for the world to see. Good luck!


  1. HTDmason: do you also search on Tumblr?

    1. At this time I don't. The best way for your art to have a chance of reposting, is for it to be on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter. I'm just one guy running all of these accounts, so it's hard for me to search everything out there, like Tumblr, several times a day. If I can find a way to streamline it, I will look into it. Thanks for the support!

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